I’m Bryant Lilio

// About Me
Name {
   First name: Bryant Mico;
  Last name: Lilio;
.What I Do {
    Activities: Web Design and Development;
    Language: Javascrip, PHPt;
    Expert: Wordpress, Joomla;



Started my career as a joomla developer back in 2017 with my first project, "Paskong Pinasaya".


Current year

I just graduated from college and started my first corporate job at Tech One Global as an SEO / Website Specialist. 


On-the-job Training

Applied to a certain IT service company for my on-thejob Training (OJT), I was tasked to develop a web application that runs on firebase as the database and combining it to an existing mobile application. The programming language used there was Javascript with a little touch of JQuery.



Signed-up for People per Hour to continue my career while still pursuing my academics to further hone my skills while applying what I've learned at school.


Started my career

Balancing your work and school life may be hard, but it pays off. I was on my way to my 2nd year in college when I started to work on my first project, which has become a turning-point of my career

Some projects that I've worked on

30 Minute Talks

#30 Minute Talks

— Online Learning
Visit Website
Vic Alcuaz

#Vic Alcuaz

— Personal Website
Visit Website
This image for Image Layouts addon

#Cafe Inggo 1587

— Café and Restaurant
Visit Website
See what I've built up over the years


• Pioneered E-sports at LPU College of Technology, 2017
• Microsoft Technology Associate, 98-364: MTA: Database Fundamentals

Skills and Qualifications

• Competent in web development using Joomla and WordPress content management system (CMS)
• Experienced in web development using Javascript & PHP
• Experienced in web design using HTML, CSS, & Bootstrap 4
• Experienced in using various Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools
• Experienced in Linux Virtual Server
• Experienced in Webhosting Management
• Experienced in SQL Database
• Experienced in Firebase Realtime Database


• COT Business Manager, Student Government, LPU-Manila, 2017-2018
• External Vice President, LPU Junior Philippine Computer Society (JPCS), 2017-2018
• Associate for Documentations, Lyceum Math Club, 2016-2017
• Class President, Lyceum of the Philippines University, 2016 - 2018
• College Representative, KAPARIZ, LPU-Manila, 2015-2017

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